Humanizing the digital world with voice

 VOICE CLOUD platform-of-platforms

 A node in the networks of the digital world

 Dial into one unique number from anywhere
in the world

 1 billion World Numbers: 1 Number-1 World

 These numbers are legal digital identities

 Gamechanger: € 0,10


Partners can integrate these identities and human voices on their digital platforms i.e.:

Telecom, Payments, Music, Entertainment,
Copy Rights, Publishing, Internet of Things,
Donations, Mobility, Sustainability, Software
& Hardware Security, Quantum Communications

 Athalos wants to work globally with operational, strategic and technology partners

 Our business model preempts the future:
shared revenues


Martijn van der Ven is founder and CEO.
He is a telecom veteran and technology entrepreneur.
His team is masterful and powerful.

Let’s create a Quantum Leap together