athalos tech global telecommunications

Purpose: Humanizing the Digital World

Athalos is a Node in the Networks of the Digital World

Platform-of-Platforms with >10 Trillion Identities

Athalos NG Consortium and you as a partner co-own the identities. This model creates strategic value and preempts the future

Our Engine of Flux takes care for accessing and servicing


Partners can integrate our identities on their Digital Platforms i.e. :

Telecom, Payments, Music, Entertainment, Copy Rights, Publishing, Internet of Things, Donations, Mobility, Sustainability, Software & Hardware Security,
Quantum Communications

i.e. Platform TelecomVoice Cloud
Dial into one unique number from anywhere in the world # 10 billion World Numbers # Game changer : € 0.10
# The business model has shared revenues with exponential impact


Martijn van der Ven is founder and CEO.
He is a telecom veteran and technology entrepreneur.
His team is masterful and powerful.

Let’s create a Quantum Leap together