the foundation of digital identities

George Dyson writes in his book Analogia athalos tech fav that in the fourth epoch of humanity humans will coexist with technologies they no longer control or fully understand.

Machines are taking the side of nature. And nature is taking the side of machines. Nature will allow us to build analog systems beyond progammable control.

Now we are living in the third epoch of digital codes, networked devices, self-replication and even self-reproduction.
The digital universe is currently expanding by some thirty trillion transistors per second, populated  by unbounded
strings of code.

athalos tech fav Analogia – The Entangled Destinies of Nature, Human Beings and Machines

We wants to give human beings voices with identities in the digital universe. Also the machines and networked devices will have voices with identities. Identities with Voices.

Members our consortium are digital and technology companies.

Our consortium enables to:

1. Work together and compete at the same time on
different dimensions

2. Work together on digital identities and platforms

3. Build an ecosystem for the future

4. Explore and realize topics for the future e.g. personal online data storage (pods), sustainable circulation economy, open mesh infrastructures and quantum communications

tree of life
connecting people together

This consortium will manufacture and secure digital identities.

The member companies of the consortium are co-owners of the digital identities.

Let’s create a Quantum Leap together

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